How To Get 2-100 Times More Leads By Making A Tiny Change To Your Offer…

Very proud to work with one of the best marketing business minds I have ever come across. Victoria Judge from The PT Coach is now a regular guest here helping personal trainers generate more leads for their fitness business, enjoy!

Most personal trainers get disappointing response rates from their marketing activities, become disillusioned and sometimes even give up.

They spend ages crafting fantastic offers and placing them in carefully, professionally designed marketing pieces, then can’t understand why so few people took them up on their offer.

How awesome would it be if you could guarantee a healthy response to everything you sent out, AND get yourself a database of anyone who is even going to THINK about hiring a personal trainer in the next 6-12 months?

I’m going to show you how to do just that.

The Education Spectrum

Prospects who walk into your studio, gym, or pick up the phone and say “I’m ready to hire you! Where do I sign?” are unfortunately very rare! The point at which someone is ready to hire you as their personal trainer and hand over their money is just one end of what we call The Education Spectrum.

The Education Spectrum is a series of points from A to Z along which people move from uncertain prospects to confident buyers. It’s a foundation principle of the greatest marketing strategy of them all – Education Based Marketing.

At the beginning of this Spectrum is someone who has just started thinking about improving their fitness or health, or losing weight.  It’s just an idea at this point, they haven’t actually decided to hire a trainer, they just have a problem they need solving, or a goal they need help achieving.

In between these two points lies a whole bunch of fact-finding by the prospect. They’re going to be doing a lot of research, asking around, Googling, and comparing different personal trainers as they move towards making a decision.

The Education Spectrum is the line drawn between the prospect starting to think about their problem (Point A), and the prospect agreeing to hire you as their personal trainer (Point Z).

The Biggest Mistake Most PTs Make

Here’s what you need to know right now. Most personal trainer marketing makes the wrong offer at the wrong time.

We try to make an offer designed for the prospect at Point Z to people who are only at Point A, or a little further along The Education Spectrum from Point A.

People at Point Z want their problem fixed, they already know they want a trainer, you let them know why you’re the best personal trainer for them, you make them a great offer, and they buy.

But this kind of offer only appeals to people at or near Point Z.

The bad news is that at any given time, only about 4% of your market are at or near Point Z.  You may be an awesome PT, you might have a brilliant offer, but if it’s the wrong offer for 96-99% of your market, people aren’t going to respond.

So how DO you appeal to everyone in your market? You use 2 different kinds of offer:

Incentive Offers

This type of offer is for people at Point Z: ready to buy from you. This is an offer you make face to face: after a comp session, or in a seminar.

These prospects already know you, like you, trust you and are ready to take action and book their first training session. You make them a great deal, and they sign up.

Most personal trainers try to make this kind of offer to everyone straight away, when in reality only a very small number of prospects will be responsive and ready to accept.

Information Offers

The most effective way to appeal to everyone from A to Z is to make an information offer.

This is when you offer a free report, eBook, a webinar, a DVD or a CD, or a free e-course: it’s a low risk piece of information that makes it easy for people to raise their hands and get started with you.

You make sure your information is fantastic quality, chockful of awesome content that your prospect can start to use NOW to solve their problem.

You’re building a relationship with them, developing trust and starting to move them along The Education Spectrum at a pace they’re comfortable with, until they’re ready to hire you as their personal trainer.

A whole bunch of people will respond to this, jump into your database and then you can start working with them to move them along the spectrum so when they are ready to buy, they hire YOU and not another personal trainer.

Education Based Marketing 101

The concept of The Education Spectrum is a key part of the Education Based Marketing Strategy. Those of you familiar with me will know that I’m a HUGE fan of this stuff! That’s because it works, because it bypasses having to hard-sell, and because it’s fun.

This is THE most effective marketing strategy bar none and here are 5 quick and easy steps to making it work in your personal trainer marketing right now:

  1. Think Like Your Prospect

Don’t think like the trainer. Don’t think like the marketer. Get inside your prospect’s head and figure out what’s really driving them, mentally and emotionally.

  1. Focus On Their Problems And Goals

Offer high quality problem-solving information on their biggest problems and/or goals and your marketing piece will get read. Prospects won’t ignore something that’s going to help them.

  1. Make Information Offers First

Give your prospect a low-risk, high-quality information offer first. This will get the best response because people don’t want to be sold to, and because most are not yet ready to work with you face to face for example in a comp session.

  1. Make The Offer Useful But Incomplete

In your information offer (report, CD, eBook etc.) you’re going to show them why their problem is important and what they need to do to solve it, but you’re not going to give them everything they need to solve it. That’s where your personal training comes in.

  1. Make It Easy To Respond

People really don’t want to talk to a pushy sales person. You’ll get the best response to your marketing if you use a toll-free number (people are even put off by live phone numbers! If possible, use a 24 hour answering service), a fax and/or an opt in form on your website.

Make the right offer at the right time, and turn reluctant prospects into hungry and motivated training clients who happily throw money your way.

To find out more about how to apply the principles of Education Based Marketing into your business and reap the rewards of massively boosted lead generation and response rates, contact or visit

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