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Kellie Sanders AdobeStock_96452236-1024x683 Your Message

You hear me all the time talk about alignment and when you are in flow your fitness business grows much easier.

But how do you get to that?

It comes back to your messaging.

Your message is your why.

Why do you want a fitness business?

Why do you want to make money?

Why do you want to be successful?

My why is very simple. I have been through the crappiest times (that’s for another time).

AND I have come out the other end into a world of freedom and abundance. Now it’s my turn to empower women in fitness business across to the world to believe in themselves to know YOU can absolutely HAVE IT ALL regardless of where you are at now.

It pains me hearing ladies worrying and stressing about money, that they can’t afford to do the things they want or purchase what their kids need, I have been there and it’s not a fun place.

When I wake up to messages that I have so much money in my account or I had my best week ever I get teary seeing the difference it makes.

That’s what inspires me because when your message is important there is no such thing as I am worried that I there are no clients who want what I have to offer, there are no visibility issues.

It’s about the message, not us.

The purpose drives you and in that space there is no doubt or fear or doing it for the money because you understand that the message is stronger and powerful than these things.

The message is our WHY.

When you live, breathe and believe in your message there is no doubting yourself or worrying what others think or questioning if it’s the right thing to do.

You are here right now reading this for a reason.

You are meant to make a difference in people’s lives.

The world is ready for you NOW.

So let’s get into action.

Your message is your passion, what you love, your story.

What lead you to the fitness industry? What have you gone through? What have you learnt? What did you do?

You might be thinking it’s nothing to you but to someone who is still in that situation that information is gold to them.

Who does your message help and how can you help them?

Having gone through that process gives you the credibility and gives them comfort to know they are not alone and there is a way out.

When you are passionate about your message your vibration lifts and you attract the people who need your help.

Focus on what you can do for them BIG PICTURE rather than just what you do.

As a fitness business you may think you help people lose weight, get fit and tone up.

But what you are really doing is giving them back the confidence to feel amazing in their clothes, to have the energy to get through the day and play with their kids on the beach.

It’s your thought patterns that you are just selling something, what you are really doing is solving a massive problem and that is they key in how you see your fitness business.

It will enable you to put so much more value on what you do and how you help the world.

Much love,

Kellie xx


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