What is the Women in Business Mastermind?

An intimate mastermind program with private coaching and mentoring sessions dedicated to women in fitness business.

Have you been wondering what action you need to take that will move your business forward?

20 years I have been in the fitness industry and in every role possible PLUS helping 100o’s fitness business to make more money.

What I have learnt is that you can’t just focus purely on strategy, there is an easier way.

Which is why my ladies get such FAST results.

For me being a business owner and a mum it’s about working smarter not harder to make more money to do the things you want when you want.

Women love being a part of a community that helps them shine, bounce ideas off and know that they aren’t alone on this crazy business journey.  

I totally get it because that was me a few years ago trying to figure it all alone, I was stressed, anxious and just wanted someone to tell me what to do. 

Found a mastermind and it took my business to a whole new level and within months I had doubled my business, it completely changed my world.

Now it’s time to give yourself permission to play a bigger game.

Here is what some of the crew achieved:

  • From $10k -$40k per month in 12 months.
  • Achieved income goal of $6000 per week consistently.
  • $100 000 total income in 8 months after being in business for only 8 months!
  • Hit $192 000 after being in business for 12 months!
  • $50 000+ each and very month and has a team looking after the business so they can focus on doing the things they love.
  • Sold 10 online programs in less than 1 week of going live.
  • Doubled their fitness business from $120 000 to over $250 000 working less hours.
  • Doubled their monthly income after working with me for 4 weeks.
  • Created an online membership portal and now has paying members!

So how can YOU get to the next level and increase your income?

What got you to your current level won’t get your next level.

When you want to create change in your life, you have to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. Being uncomfortable is not easy because people like staying in the happy place.

To change your results you need to step into a new way of thinking, eliminate all those beliefs that no longer serve you and implement strategies that have you working smarter not harder…no more trading time for money.

When you add accountability into the equation PLUS the support from ladies who have already achieved what you want and surround yourself with a peer group who want the same thing, there is a massive shift.

Entrepreneurs, especially women, need a safe place to share what’s really going on, goals and fears without being judged.

I’ve got a simple process and it works.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and isolation, no more doing it alone.

If you want…

A place that you connect with other women in fitness just like you

A place where other women also have big goals and dreams

A place where you are supported and held accountable

A place where other women are committed to massive success in 2019

A place where I show you how you can easily combine mindset PLUS proven strategies to grow your fitness business faster and easier then I would LOVE to help you.

Here is a snapshot of what you have immediate access to…

  • MillionaireHabits learn the secrets behind having consistent growth months.
  • The latest Facebook ads that generate leads on automation
  • How to convert more of your FB group members into paying clients
  • Calling in large amounts of money with flow and ease
  • Elevate your unconscious money blueprint
  • Weekly flow planner and money tracker to fast track abundance
  • Tapping into the vibration of your income goal
  • My #1 sequence that generates leads consistently
  • Structure of video’s so that you can reach more people and get them to take action
  • Sell by chat sequence so you can increase conversions of all your enquires
  • Organic traffic framework that results in over 500+ comments on my organic posts
  • Plus so much more..

The Women in Fitness Mastermind is an advanced mentoring program designed to fast-track the growth of your fitness business to ensure it’s highly profitable.

From our initial 1:1 strategy session, fortnightly calls, extensive resources, live retreats, accountability systems, reprogramming your unconscious mind audio’s and clearing negative emotions as well as continual support I am here to take your fitness business to the next level.

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