What To Do Daily In Your Personal Training Business

Running a personal training business can be challenging and exciting all in one and let’s throw in a little bit of overwhelming on the side.

Life itself has taught me many lessons that have helped me to create the results in business I have today.

Being a mum has taught me that right when I think I’ve got things all figured out and mastered, the game can change when you least expect it. Children get sick, school holidays, new children enter the scene, health challenges with family and just learning to juggle business and children.

Business has taught me that you are forever changing, learning and growing. You will always come across challenges however the success lies in overcoming them. Some of your best achievements have come after those challenges. It has also taught me about discipline and consistency if I really wanted it bad enough.

So… what activities should personal training business owners be doing?

Marketing should be 80-90% of all that you do. Most of your activities should start and end with marketing. What I see is that personal trainers are only marketing 10% of their time. Even though they work A LOT of hours doing sessions, many are simply not doing the amount of marketing that a successful fitness business demands.

Want to know what the others are doing with their time?  Here’s a short review of some of the things that hold people back from making the money they desire and deserve.

Creating– This is someone who is constantly creating. Many are addicted to the creating phase. Just like the love and excitement we feel with a new baby or a new puppy, many wanna be business owners love the creating process just as much. Just like when babies get sick, grow up, puppies start to poo around the house, this is the kind of person who will change business models, seek something else creative or even just give up. Over and over again from one excitement to the other they go.

Planning– The amount of people who have multiple maps and business plans on their desk is amazing!  With a false security of having it all together, getting all their ‘ducks in a row’ and having everything all lined up, they are deceived into thinking this secures them a successful fitness business. Many have a map from Expert #1 who doesn’t even understand developing relationships with potential clients and map from Guru #2 who is a so called 6 figure expert but doesn’t know a thing about growing a fitness business. Then they have the map their friend wrote them in a night of brainstorming (although they have never even built a business). Maps, maps and more plans and maps! Sadly, very few ever take action on their dreams. Their plans make them feel super smart but year after year they are still struggling financially.

Masterminding – The amount of people I see who are part of a group and a mastermind but never getting anywhere is somewhat of a mystery to me. I think masterminding is great! I belong to one myself! Where the challenge lies is people who are a part of a group who never take action.

The way we grow our business, generate more leads, make more money and live a great lifestyle is to do a few key things daily, monthly, yearly. Over and over again.

Marketing your product or service 80-90% of the time is your key focus on the pathway to success. There’s no way around it.  You need to be marketing! This doesn’t mean that all we ever write about is our services or products. We don’t annoy people on Facebook by constantly mentioning our monthly offer or the latest protein powder in every single blog post, over and over again. The key to marketing successfully 90% of the time is not to constantly sell.

Here are a few key elements to successful marketing that many fitness business owners overlook, aren’t consistent in or they won’t do.

Have a relationship with your customers.You have heard me say this many times It might not seem possible but having a genuine, caring relationship with just 1000 clients will get you further down the path to success than constantly pitching 10,000 people who have no relationship with you. Quality is the key.

Always seek fresh, new traffic, leads, followers and customers. Loyalty is a very real aspect of a successful business that is profiting for a long time. But a business that isn’t seeking out new customers, clients, visitors and sales is already dying. Build relationship with the new and keep the connection deep and alive with the current.

Multiple platforms equals bigger results. In a recent webinar we did, we shared some of the current platforms we market on. Here’s a list to give you a bigger picture of where to go. You don’t need to be using nor are you READY to be using all of these (unless you’re over the mid-six figure range) but you will want to find 5 things that you’ll start on NOW and build from there. Start out with these platforms and grow from there. Do not settle, do not shrink back and don’t just grow comfortable where you’re at or you might end up with a big surprise! Keep growing, moving and expanding.

Some marketing platforms that I use to get our products and services out there:

  • Facebook
  • Online TV Show
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook PPC
  • Guest speaking
  • Guest writing
  • CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • Books
  • Workbooks
  • eBooks
  • Mp3’s
  • Tele-Classes
  • Webinars
  • Blog posts
  • Magazine writing
  • Interviews
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Campaigns to other people’s list

Pick five to start out with.

It takes time to grow your fitness business, but as you know, it takes time to grow a great healthy body and lose weight. It takes time to build relationships. It takes time to get your finances sorted. Bottom line is most just won’t do the work. Most won’t eat right to transform their body. Most won’t do the uncomfortable and unpopular things and will continue to stay the same, day after day.

BUT you can do it if you want it bad enough.

Have a great week with lots of action,


Kellie Sanders

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