What NOT To Do On Social Media…

Everyday I am on Facebook.

Everyday I share content plus engage with others.

Everyday I see posts that come across as desperate and needy.

If you don’t believe in yourself then no one else is going to either.

Do you feel excited to share your message, your product, your program, or are you just doing it to make money?

People can pick up on whats really going on just by reading what you say.

I get it, social media can be confusing until you understand that it is simply a platform to build relationships with your tribe. 

When it comes to social media just be yourself. 

Share your message.

Give valuable advice.

Showcase your online products and services.

And over time you build trust in your market and gain more clients.

Content marketing gives you the opportunity to connect with your market, build relationships and have them check you out. 

Next time you post on social media understand that it is exactly the same as if you were chatting to a potential client in the real world.

The only difference is that you are answering questions and giving value without being directly asked a question.

Think of all the cool stuff you share with your clients and start sharing that knowledge with your tribe. 

Understand your ideal client, their problems and frustrations and what they want and desire most by starting on a health and fitness program.

Give them valuable advice that helps them right now.

And remember to check in with your energy behind what you post!

When you are being authentic money flows to you and reaching $10k, $20k, $50k becomes so much easier.


Kellie x

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