Keeping Clients for Life

Jamie Hayes is one of the people in the fitness industry that I respect the most.

Having been the 1st Fitness Leader back in 1987 you can imagine how much he knows about fitness and fitness business. He is the Managing Director of Healthy Inspirations which has helped 1000’s of women get their lives back and he also owns Bondi Express with his lovely wife Ellen.  I have known Jamie for the last 6 or so years and have had the pleasure of working in his Healthy Inspirations.

What I respect most is his knowledge and how he keeps up to date with the latest research,  plus I love his bookcase which is more like walking into a library 🙂

Take the time to read this post as it will show you how to keep clients for longer and keep them strength training for life which will help your fitness business grow.

Click here to read the article: Train to retain 

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