Stuck And Not Making Money?

Does this sound familiar?

:: I can’t get new clients
:: There is so much competition
:: Why are other trainers growing so quick and making a lot of money and I am still struggling to make ends meet?
:: My income is stuck
:: I am just paying the bills and not taking an income

It doesn’t have to be like that.

But something has to change if you want your situation to change.

You can in a relatively short period of time grow your fitness business.

I have clients doubling their direct debit income for the month after working with me for 4 weeks, I had another lady receive over 74 enquires after 1 private session with me.

Businesses don’t fail. People fail their business.

When I decided to get out of my own way the business just took off, literally. I’ve tracked all the numbers for over the past 2 years and doubled it in the last few months.

That did involve hiring a mentor, straight away she identified the parts that needed attention that I was so oblivious to.

We have blinkers on in our business because we are in it EVERYDAY.

And everyday I see posts from trainers who are really struggling.

They try and work it out themselves which of course you probably can but it’s going to take a lot longer.

Yes, I did that too and became very frustrated very quickly.

I went from being a stressed out mum who had to juggle the bills and had no extra income to do what I wanted,  to hitting my goal monthly income in August that I set at the start of the year to achieve by December, working part time hours and travelling overseas 3x every year.

Let me help you, I am running a FREE workshop this week that will help you identify what areas in your business that you need to work on to double your fitness business.

You will get my 10 step system that allows you to get more leads and increase your income.

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And NO I don’t record these sessions because you get much more from it by showing up PLUS I am there to answer any questions you may have.