Sky Rocket Your Enquires and Sales

When you can truly deeply understand people, even in fact better than they understand themselves, then your sales skyrocket. Ramit Sethi

A big part of attracting the right people into your fitness business is being able to speak their language.

When you understand this information your enquiries and sales will increase because:

1. You can create products and services that match what your target market really want. This is especially important for those personal trainers wanting to get into the online space.

2. You will be able to connect with them on a deeper level.

3. You can use this in your marketing to build the rapport on a completely different level. When they look at your marketing they will just know that you are the person to help them achieve their goals.

Know exactly what they want to achieve, what keeps them awake at night, why they want to start a health and fitness program, what is holding them back from getting started and their why of wanting to lose weight, get fit and tone up.

So how do you get inside your target markets head to get this information?

Surveys are one of the fastest way to understand your target market. Utilise Survey Monkey for FREE.  You can set up questions and this will help uncover the words they use. Ask them 5 questions and keep them short and specific.

Some of my favourite ones to ask are:

– What is the dream solution for you when it comes to weight loss?

– What have you always wished for someone would come up with that you would be thrilled to buy in relation to weight loss?

– What frustrates you about buying products/services to help you with weight loss?

– What strategies have you tried that have and have not worked?

– What are you 3 biggest frustrations about weight loss?

Another strategy is to take note of the words your actual client use when speaking to you. Whether it be through a phone enquiry or an actual session. Always be listening for the words they use.

If I were to ask you what is the #1 question your clients ask what would that be?

Thats a great place to start.

Post a tip or valuable piece of information that speaks THIER language and starts to establish yourself as the expert fitness professional in your local area.

Kellie x

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