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Grand Project 

Everything you need to add an additional $10k+ per month to your fitness business. Includes mindset, marketing, sales, social media, lead generation and websites.

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Drop A Dress Size

Done for you proven fitness challenge that will increase your leads, grow your fitness business and keep your clients motivated. 


5 Day Lead Workshop

If you are wanting more leads in your fitness business this workshop with help you generate more leads without spending a cent on advertising + help you stand out from your competition.



Referral Workshop

My famous proven referral system that consistently generates new clients each and every week. I've used this system for over 21+ years and is still the #1 way to increase your fitness business fast.

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Move Online Method

Want to take your group fitness business online? This simple process will help you do just that. This is the exact method that my clients went through when they had to shut their face to face business in the pandemic. 

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Private Coaching

It can get pretty lonely when you own your own business. Hello to my popular women in fitness mastermind where you get to hang out with me and like minded women where we talk mindset + proven strategies to grow your fitness business fast.

"I was working crazy hours to working less and having more family time".


tripled her income

Yes, It Really Works

100+ people online with people waiting to get in. Even during lockdown we have grown our business online. 


$25k+ months!

"I started believing in myself and now have over $5k+ weeks!


Police force to fitness

How To Generate $3k+ Each Week In Your Group Fitness Business.

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Mum of 4 Kids and 67+ Clients

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