Mum of 4 Kids and 67+ Clients!

Kellie Sanders FOR-ONLINE-All-About-Balance-Training-Session-Nov-2017-160--1024x683 Mum of 4 Kids and 67+ Clients!

This lady has 4 children (including triplets) and now helps 67+ ladies each week.

When she first started with me she was making $40 a week, overwhelmed at what action to take and just wanted someone to tell her what to do. 

She has gone from struggling to pay bills and debts piling up to having 2 x 3 week overseas holidays within months of each other while the business continued to thrive even without her being in the business. 

Plus she had a record month when she was away for 29 days out of the 31 🙂

What I love about this lady is her no excuses attitude. She gets in and takes action and it’s paid off. 

Mums say they want to have the flexibility to go to their kids events plus have some mum time and do more of the things they love. 

She does exactly that, helping so many ladies in her community and makes a lot of money. 

Her biggest shifts happened when she decided to stop seeing her business as a hobby and take control of her business choices. 

Living the dream!

Sad reality is that too many people get caught up in their own stories as to why they can’t do or have something. 

They believe they aren’t good enough.

They believe it’s not possible. 

Insert other excuse. 

These are just stories that you have created. 

Stories that you have breathed life into day after day until they appear as fact.

When really you are in control of the story. 

You are also in control of the bullshit story you choose to believe or not. 

What story do you now choose to release in this moment?

If you want the results like this lady has lets chat to see if we can help you ==>

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