Being A Memorable Personal Trainer!

There are so many personal trainers out there, right?

So how do you stand out above and beyond your competition?

In this face paced world we live, you really want to make a long-lasting impression with people on your database, social media and your clients.

The one thing that stands out amongst the rest and will have them remembering YOU.

Surprise them.

No matter how big or small the surprise, just surprise them!

It’s all about delivering the unexpected.

You would of heard the saying, it’s the thought that counts!

How do you feel when someone does something unexpected and thoughtful for you?

It is those wonderful surprises regardless if there are big or small that really make us appreciate the other person and love them even more.

The usual and the expected don’t make as big of an impact.

The actions you take regularly becomes routine and less significant over time.

Surprise them and you will have them thinking about you again.

What about a random call to one of your clients, thanking them just for being a client without asking for anything in return?

How about complimenting someone on social media about something amazing they are doing?

How about a hand written letter to a new client just saying thank you?

How about sending something of massive value to the people on your database unexpectedly?

Surprise your audience and there are a ton of ways you can do that.

Add this to your action list this week and notice how much of an impact you make in your personal training business.

And coming into the Festive time this is a perfect opportunity to connect with past and present clients.


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