Never Market Your Personal Training Business Again

As you know there is so much marketing and advertising that we are exposed to each day that it gets to a point where the majority of it is overlooked.

While I agree it is important to market your personal training business to help you get to a certain point, there is another strategy that I am getting my clients to focus on because it is more effective at generating leads.

My focus for personal training businesses is getting back to basics that generates massive results.

Because it is proven to work.

Imagine your fitness business:

  • where you didn’t have to do any marketing or advertising?
  • that your current clients were so impressed with how you treated them that they brought all the clients you could ever need into your business for you?
  • become a referral only business?
Is it possible and many of my crew are doing just that today.

Think of the clients you would attract. Think of the time you would save. Think of the reputation you would create.

What would that do for your personal training business and the success of it?

How do you do that?

Very simple, create a customer service system where you give your clients a ‘gift’ randomly through out the year. By gifts I don’t mean go out and spend a fortune.

Some examples are massage vouchers, coffee vouchers, motivational posters, an article that you saw that is applicable to one of your clients, vouchers from one of your business alliances, movie tickets, t-shirts. The list is endless, be creative!

Pop these in the mail and with that, a hand written letter which we call happy letters, (see free stuff for your free download of a happy letter).

As someone said to me last week, all I get in the mail is bills! How amazing when your clients feel when they get home at the end of long day work and they find a care package in the mail from you, WOW!

It’s all about consistency and remember people don’t care until they know how much YOU care!

You know you need to stand out from the other personal trainers, well than do something different for your clients, they will rave about you to their friends and family.

It is possible to become a referral only personal training business!

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