How To Convert Facebook Likes Into Leads

Facebook is still the #1 platform that people across the world tap into daily.

You can consistently get leads by knowing the right way to go about it.

It’s no secret that organic reach is down on Facebook.

So by following these simple tips you will be able to have great success with reaching a wider audience and generate the leads you desire.

One of my clients blows the theory out of the water that organic reach is down.

Each posts has a reach of 30% with the majority reaching 100-150% and some a whopping 400%!!

Plus she has an average 5 leads flowing in every week from Facebook alone.

It’s no wonder she has doubled her business is such a short time.

You too can do this by following these simple tips:

– Know your target market really well, knows what they want, what their pains are and why they want it.

– Post mutiple times per day, not everyone will see your post so it’s important to post multiple times.

– Utilise the schedule feature so you can set the day up and the posts come out automatically.

– Post valuable content your followers are interested in. Combining tips, recipes, offers, motivation, case studies, behind the scenes of what you do, testimonials, links to your blog, pics of your clients and the sessions, links to your opt in. All of these to make your page interesting.

– Post offers and tell people what to do. If you aren’t putting your offers out there then how do they know to take action?

– Interact with your people, reply to their comments and show them you are a real person.

– Post lots of pictures of your sessions, people love real life people and seeing what they get up to.

Always keep in mind that 1-5% people are ready to buy now, the rest want to follow you, get to know you, see if they trust you, see if you can help them solve their most pressing challenge.

Which is why you have some people contacting you saying ‘I’ve been following you for months and now I am ready to take action’

And because you are consistent with your posting you are the first trainer they think of.

So here is an example of post with your offer:

Just got a txt from my client saying she has just tried on her jeans and they fit perfectly!! I love helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. You to can achieve this by registering for our (insert offer) Call (your name) on x.


Check out our amazing group! We have so much fun exercising and they all tell me they have so much energy to get through the day. Do you want more energy? Come and join us (insert offer). Call x on x to register.

Pop a picture of the group in the post.

These posts work really well.

Just make sure you are authentic and posting genuine results real people are achieving.

By doing this consistently will have leads coming into your business each week.

Kellie x

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