How To Be #1

Many people in the fitness industry are caught up in trying to build a business by focusing on the strategies to generate leads, get more clients and grow their business to give you the freedom to do what you want when you want.

I too FOCUSED on the strategies as my holy grail to get me to where I wanted to be.

I spent a fortune on the next best product.

It just didn’t work until I got the internal stuff sorted.

However after years of mentors, coaches and learning from the best of the best I discovered there was an ‘easier’ way.

A way where you let go of the control and allow cool things to flow into your life.

The comment ‘I haven’t changed what I am doing but leads are flowing!’ becomes a regular occurance.

I was a control freak and still am to an extent however learning this whole new approach has allowed me to reach my yearly goals in less than 9 months.

It was like a tap turned on which flowed money.

A few years ago I had a dream income figure that I wanted to achieve every month, I now achieve that monthly figure in a week.

The right strategies are important however it’s not just about the strategies, it comes back to how you think, what you believe and the thoughts that run through your head all day.

What do you think and feel when you open your online banking?

Gives you a good indication of where your thinking is at.

Mindset is the #1 thing that will allow you to create absolutely anything you want in your life.

YES everything!!

Now my clients are having the same results with many doubling their income after working with me for a few weeks.

Where do you start?

Right here.

  1. Get clear on exactly what you want in EVERY area of your life. The reason why most people don’t get what they want is because they don’t know what they want, which is why it never happens!
  2. Decide that it’s a done deal. It’s exactly like choosing what you want for tea, you decide what you want so thats what you have. Goals are exactly the same.
  3. Align your actions, what you think and what you say, it’s everything you do. If what you think, act and say don’t align with your values then you will struggle to move forward.
  4. Remove the limiting beliefs and fears that are preventing you from moving forward. Many of us were brought up with beliefs that have been programmed into our subconscious and they aren’t necessarily true however they hold us back from reaching our goals.
  5. Reprogram your brain so those limiting beliefs are reprogrammed into a new powerful belief.
  6. Feel as if you already have what you want because your brain doesn’t know whats reality and what’s not. Visualizing your goals as if they have already happened fast tracks the process of how quickly they come to life.
  7. Be, do, have. Let’s say you have an income goal of $10 k per month, who do you need to be and what do you need to do to have that $10k per month coming into your business. Then come from that place right now.

This is now a daily process for me. Regardless of what is going on it is my #1 focus and that is why myself and my clients achieve ALL our goals so quickly.

Just like my client below.

Grab a journal and go through my 7 steps to help you achieve that freedom you so want in your fitness business.

Kellie x

PS. If you are sick of just paying the bills, having little or no income to do the things you love then let me show you an easier way. I am here to help if you want it, email me and tell me where you are at in fitness business and where you want to be.

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