How Do I Make More Money As A PT?

Based on figures the average personal trainer makes $45 000 per year.

Which probably doesn’t allow you to do the things you love and want to do like travel, get a new car or purchase a home.

Why aren’t you making more money?

  1. You don’t charge enough
  2. You are focused doing 1 on 1 personal training sessions.
  3. You aren’t positioned correctly

So how do you start making more money as a personal trainer?

You have to start charging what you are worth, I hear of some trainers charging $20-$30 per hour for session. Lets say you do an average 30 sessions per week thats only $600 per week before expenses.

Now there is no set formula as to what you charge, that is completely up to you BUT you can start charging more starting now. For any new person who get started then position yourself differently and charge more.

It’s no harder to sell a $3000 package than it is to sell a $20-$30 session.

Share your value and how you can help them get a result, that transformation they so desperately want.

Next step is to stop trading time for money, you won’t get wealthy by doing more 1 on 1 sessions. You need to leverage what you are doing. Start thinking group personal training and moving online.

From there you need to learn how to market and sell effectively. When you know how it’s really easy.

When you know the strategies behind marketing, when you know why your ideal clients buy then it’s just a matter of getting more of those people and positioning yourself correctly.

There is no reason why you can’t get an additional $2000, $4000 or $10 000 every month.

And it’s not just the strategies you need to work on, you need to change your mindset around money.

I hear many trainers saying ‘Oh I couldn’t do that because my clients won’t pay that‘ or ‘They can’t commit to that training’

You don’t know what your client can and can’t do. If it’s important to them and they really want the result they will find a way.

Then also ask yourself, who are you surrounded by? You want to be the little fish in the bigpond.

Are you surrounded by people who have similar goals and dreams as you? Do they want to continually strive to be the best they can be?

Some of my closest friends are multi multi millionaires and the conversations we have at dinner every week are super inspiring. We always leave dinner supported and ready to move forward and grow our business and mindsets even further.

This is why learning more about marketing and sales is crucial as a personal trainer.

Learn how to market and discover what strategies work.  Learn the sales process and be confident in handling objections, building relationships with potential clients and how to get them to take action. It’s not about being a slimy and sleazy trainer, it’s about providing a genuine proven solution to their most pressing challenge.

Just remember people come to you because they are lost and can’t do it on their own.

If you want to learn more and be one of those personal trainers that makes $10000+ per month then I would love to help you. Register here for a free strategy session to see where you can make more money in your fitness business today.

Kellie x