Hit $100 000 In 8 Weeks!

Kellie Sanders art-artist-blogger-1559040-1024x704 Hit $100 000 In 8 Weeks!

Why is it that some trainers can grow their fitness business really FAST and others struggle?

Why is it that some trainers can be given the same strategy and different results are achieved?

The answer is really simple.

You believe or you don’t.

Your beliefs create your thoughts which create your actions which create your results.

So do you want to change your results?

Then you need to change your beliefs.

Growing your fitness business doesn’t have to be hard.

Making money can be easy.

Last week these are some of the results my clients achieved:

– Hit record number of clients at 85 for group fitness!
– 35 leads generated in weeks
– 3 new clients started after 1 Facebook post, yes 1!
– New pricing structure to increase profits in a studio
– 2 new trainers started and they both have over 30 new sessions in 7 days
– One trainer told me she has leads coming from everywhere! Over 14 from my referral strategy in 2 weeks.
– 3 ladies have started an online business
– Doubled income and members and now wants to triple!

You need to show up in the right way and do the right things if you want to build your fitness business and bring in 6-figures consistently.

Here is a question you can ask yourself

‘If I believed, 100% that the result in (say 30 days) was already DONE in the future, what aligned action would I be taking TODAY in order to ensure that it’s done?’

When you take action aligned with your beliefs, business starts to become easy, leads flow and you start living those goals.

The question really gets you thinking doesn’t it?

Let me know what aligned action you are taking in your business,

Kellie x

PS. Want me to show you what and how to align to create a six figure business FAST?

Very soon we start my next program where I will be walking you through –

:: The exact actions you must do every single day to align your beliefs to get the results you want easily.
:: Your magic and how to stand out from your competition so you become the go to person in your area
:: How to attract new clients online and offline including my referral systems that has leads coming in on autopilot for every single client consistently.
:: What, when and how to post on Facebook to convert likes to leads PLUS how to use Facebook ads
:: How to grow your business effectively via website, email marketing, blogging and videos.
:: My full sales system from enquiry to paying client that has my conversions at 97% and how you can too.

In the last round I had multiple ladies hit $10k in 8 weeks and another tripled her fitness business, so this is an opportunity that can change things in your business FAST.

Want to be a part of this? Send me an email support@ptbusinesssuccess.com and tell me about your fitness business and where you want it to be.