Growing Your Fitness Business FASTER

Kellie Sanders IMG_1381-1024x768 Growing Your Fitness Business FASTER


I have just returned from the Gold Coast after spending two full days with inspiring women in fitness.

Day 1 was bringing together over 20 ladies whom I knew from social media but never met so it was lovely to put faces to names.

Day 2 was hanging out with some of my high level clients and I dove into each of their businesses so they can walk away with their own action plan.

What I did learn from these two days was that no matter where you are at in business you never stop learning and just how much quick you can achieve your goals when you have someone else supporting and holding you accountable.

Here is what we covered:

1. MINDSET is THE most important aspect for success. We really dived in so the ladies could achieve their goals even faster. 90% of your success is mindset. 10% strategy. 

2. It’s important that you are aligning with your ideal clients to ensure your marketing is being communicated effectively which allows you to bring in more leads. So if you are not attracting that person then look at your messaging. People also respond to different things so it’s important you know with 100% clarity WHO this person is.

3. Facebook is a brilliant lead generator PLUS it helps build brand awareness,  it’s important you are actioning this strategy. Some people are getting 10+ leads from one post!

4. Yes to referrals!! Another proven lead generator. Every fitness business needs to have systems in place where you are asking at different times to ensure another flow of leads into the business. One lady got 14+ leads in one week by doing this.

6. Do whatever it takes attitude! When I was just starting out I took so much action and I didn’t stop until I was where I wanted to be financially. I followed people who were where I wanted to be, I paid for a mentor, I took every action they said, I worked on the inner stuff and I never gave up. That has now paid off big time.

6. No trainer ever becomes wealthy by only doing 1:1 so it’s important to look at other ways to leverage your business, we talked a lot on the Friday about how to create an online business, grow your database and what products to sell to stop trading time for money.

7. There will be tough times in business and if you let those moments get you down then you will struggle. You have to pick yourself up and take action. Fear, anxiety and overwhelm can’t co-exist in the same space as action. So take action.

I just wanted to share those insights with you to help you on your journey as I know how much of a difference learning this valuable information is by the messages I have received.

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