Fun, Freedom and Flow

Do you find yourself looking for that next lead generating strategy that will bring a flood of new clients into your business?

That bright shiny object.

I used to do the same thing.

Learn how to run Facebook ads, that will be what I need.

Then learn how to set up a podcast, that’s exactly what I need to reach more people.

Then learn how to run sell online programs, that whats I need to increase my income.

Then learn how to…

List goes on.

THEN I learnt that I had to get my inner world sorted FIRST.

You can take all the action you like but if you aren’t in flow then nothing you do works, it all feels clunky, you push and nothing works. It’s not fun.

Strategy + Doubt (fear, resistance, worry) = Disaster
Strategy + Good Energy + Focus = Magic

Keeping our own vibration high, having fun and being in alignment is the key to success.

Focusing on the strategies alone to market, sell, follow up, launch don’t work.

And when you look at all the successful people that’s exactly what they are focusing on.

Strategy + Good Energy + Focus = Magic
Money flows to us without the hard work.

We know that Money is just energy, and when we keep our focus on our journey and loving every second of the ride, money flows.

BUT did you know you can also speed up this process of having what you want faster?

I have many conversations with ladies considering the Grand Project (my signature 8 week program that gives you the mindset + proven strategies to generate minimum of $10k),

And so many of them are scared, freaked out and anxious about investing.

I get that.

But instead of focusing on how you feel now, step into 6 months from now?

How do you feel knowing you have have $10k or $20k consistently coming in every month?

From my ladies who have done just that it’s abundance, freedom, happiness, joy and relief.

I know that some people find it challenging to believe in themselves to do that work.

But if you are willing to believe in yourself and do the work you can get to the $10k/$20k so much faster.

My mentor is running a 3 day event in Los Angeles and the investment was $8k for the weekend, plus flights and accomodation.

All up it’s well over $15k.

Yes I felt like vomiting at investing so much for such a short time but it felt right.

I felt the feelings,  its so out of my comfort zone but I choose to ignore that voice in my head that tries to bring scarcity and fear up.

I choose to believe in me.

I choose to step into a higher level playing field.

My purpose, dreams and goals are so much more important than any fear to keep me small.

I know I will take the action and generate 10x that amount very quickly.

YOU can speed up that time and you can make that choice right now.

If you don’t like where your path is going  you can change it.

If you don’t like where your business is right now you can change it.

Want to know how I reach my goals in record time?

I act from that place as if I already have it.

I know, trust and 100% believe.

I feel the feelings of already having achieved whatever I want right now.

And the rest flows and always falls into place.


Kellie x

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