From Break Even To $50 000 Per Month Habits

Kellie Sanders adventure-daylight-freedom-1134188-1024x543 From Break Even To $50 000 Per Month Habits

There is nothing wrong with earning any amount of money in your fitness business.

We have women in fitness coming to us daily wanting to reach $10k/$20k/$30k/$40k/$50k each month, and they ask what do I need to do to make that a reality?

Whilst there is not just one thing that results in huge increases in income there are certainly common factors that I have experienced myself but also with the ladies in my Grand Project and Hello More Program. 

Here are some of my lessons….

Trading time for money
Running a fitness business that leverages your time

Doing everything by myself 
Supported by an amazing team 

Taking advice from people who have no idea
Ask questions and hang around people that are doing what I want to do and invest in mentors

Worry about putting myself out there with a fear of coming across to salesy
Knowing that I have to be out there to ensure people know how we can help them

Taking days/week/months/years to make decisions
Making decisions instantly

Believing the bullshit stories running around my head
Trusting and going within to get the answers

Control every detail
Let go and allow the journey to unfold knowing that the right things happen at the right time

Freaking out about challenges that happen and dwell on troubles and difficulties
Understanding that everything is here to help you grow and be a better person

Focused on competition
Trusting in yourself and knowing that there is abundance 

Thinking the next action strategy will save my business. 
Totally understanding it all starts from within and that my external reality is just a reflection on my internal reality.

Focusing on the money
Focusing on the value knowing that the more you give and the more you help others the more that comes back to you. Income is just an exchange of value. 

Most people won’t do anything with what I have just shared, it will get filed away on their computer.

That’s ok, most people won’t do what it takes then wonder why nothing changes. 

When you are ready to change your habits so you can reach higher levels on income then here is how I can help you.

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