Filled Her Class In 4 Hours!

Yes , one of my clients filled her class in 4 hours!!

Check it out for yourself, we have been working together for about a week…

Kellie Sanders Screen-Shot-2017-09-06-at-11.36.59-am Filled Her Class In 4 Hours!

Pretty cool hey!

The question on Tuesday was ‘I only have 1 person in my small group training session and I would love to know how to fill it’

First thing you would probably think of it what action can I take to generate more leads. 

What Facebook post will work? What offer do I need to put out? What email do I need to send? 

But no, that is not the only answer to growing your business. 

My response was ‘Do the mindset work FIRST, align with what you want to have happen THEN take the action’ 

You can take every action, you can hustle as much as you like to grow your business BUT if you have some blocks/fears/resistance/beliefs then no amount of action will get you the results you want.

Which is why you have to do the internal work FIRST.

Every single day I do the internal work first before taking action. 

Exactly the same with my clients which is why they get results super fast.

It’s the reason why they hit $10k in 8 weeks. 

It’s the reason others consistently have $20k, $30k, $40k, $60k per month coming in.

As you know thoughts become your reality, so grab a journal and write down what you REALLY believe about money and business?

By doing this you will start to understand what’s going on internally for you.

Shifts can happen really quick when you understand what bull shit stories, thoughts and beliefs you have been holding onto about business, about money and even life. 

THEN she took action which is why she filled the session so quickly.

What would that mean for your business is your could fill your classes quickly? 

Tomorrow is the start of our busiest season. 

Now it’s time to get out of your own way and start making decent money in your fitness business.

YOU are worthy of making your business a success!!

YOU are worthy of making money so you can have that freedom!

You’ve got this,

Kellie xx


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