Why Doesn’t My Personal Training Business Look Like That?

Hands up if you have ever had the thought or doubt that your business doesn’t look like the personal trainer on Facebook or someone that you follow on the internet?

I bet you have wondered ‘Why are they successful and you feel as if you are not where you should be?

Do you feel as if you are doing everything you possibly can and at a loss of why your personal training business is not where it needs to be?

Why aren’t I earning that much money?

It seems easy for them what am I doing or not doing?

These thoughts used to go through my head and it was more harm than good.

I have learnt that you are were you meant to be right here and now.

One of my amazing private mentor clients said to me the other day that she loved a post I did a few weeks ago where I shared about how I got to where I am today and the struggles I went through. He exact words were ‘You made it ok for me to be where I am right now’.

It honestly brought a tear to my eye because she is spot on. It is ok where you are right now. I know some of you will not like that place but YOU (and only you) can do something about it.

Here are some simple tips to keep you on track:

Keep focused on YOUR goals!

If you don’t know what you want to achieve then what will you aim for?

It is so important to get VERY specific because then you have direction and know what action you need to take to make your goals a reality.

Have pictures of them above your desk to keep you focused, especially when you are having low motivation days.

It Takes Time!

There is no easy way to achieve success, it takes time and when you really delve into the backgrounds of these people you are comparing yourself too I bet you they probably have been doing it a lot longer than you have. There chapter 20 is more like your chapter 9.

I have never ever met a successful person that has not gone through some adversity in their lives.

Read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murray.

Holy moly, that book will show you how to get your mindset right and stop with the negative chatter.

This is the book I get every single one of my private mentoring clients to read you can find it here.

It is that good this book sits on my desk and when I am having a eekk moment I will stop and read a few pages of that book to get me back on track.

Different Journey

No one is on the same road you are. So stop comparing yourselves to anyone else and be the best personal trainer you can be. Do what is right for you and don’t be consumed by what others think.


Action is what will make your personal training business a success. If you are not happy where your business is at then something needs to change. Acknowledge what you would like to change and completely immerse yourself in that particular area learning and implementing.

Something may have to be put on the back burner for a while. You may need to work on your business til 10pm at night for some time. It’s ok to do that for a period of time.

Remember there has to be a change in mindset, a change in productivity and a change in marketing if you want your business to grow.

There is abundance for everyone, stop feeling threatened by other people in the industry and focus on providing value and the results will happen.

Believe in yourself.