Blow Your Competition Away With This Strategy!

You would of heard if you don’t stand out from your competition then you will compete on price.

I have written about the different strategies that you can do in your personal training business to stand out from your competiton previously.

Here is another brilliant strategy that you can create for your fitness business.

Remember it is not all about marketing it is about building brilliant relationships with your clients, that is what will make you successful. No matter if you spent $1000’s on marketing, if you can’t keep and look after clients then it is pointless.

This is what you do:

Send all of your new clients a package in the mail before they have their first session.

This includes a welcome pack.

You send  this to your new clients via good old fashioned post and this Welcome Book explains everything they would want to know about your personal training business.

Show me a fitness business that is doing that?

The Welcome Book is beautifully presented in a full colour binder/notebook that has real substance. It is simply just too good to throw away, and it more often than not takes pride of place on clients coffee tables at home.

Most clients are blown away to receive a book like this from any business, let alone a personal trainer.

When a friend pops over they will then see it on the bench or the coffee table. People can’t help picking up the Welcome Book out of curiosity and asking all about it.

The Welcome Book isn’t just attractive, it also contains some very interesting information that you just wouldn’t expect from a fitness business.

Things like,

  • Pictures of the building, maps of the area and directions so it’s easy to find.
  • Pictures and brief descriptions of you and your team.
  • What your clients can expect during their sessions.
  • What results your clients can expect
  • when your clients can expect results
  • Etc, etc, etc.

This Welcome Book is the most incredible sales tool I’ve ever seen or used.

Clients used to come to your personal training studio unknowing, unsure and scared about the session.

After Kellie wrote and perfected the Welcome Book, conversions dramatically increase. It really has made a huge difference.

If you’d like to learn more about Kellie’s Welcome Book – and how you can write one of your own email me at


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