Attracting High Quality Clients

Kellie Sanders bed-bedroom-clean-923183-768x1024 Attracting High Quality Clients

You have heard me go on about knowing who your ideal client is.

Being clear and understanding them better than they know themselves.

So they read your marketing and it connects with them.

But have you given any thought to what YOU are like as a client?

My mentors say ‘You are a great client, you get in and just do the work’.

I choose that.

I choose to get out of my own way and be the ideal client.

Because I know how important it is to BE the match for exactly what type of clients I want to attract into my business.

I love clients that are committed, engaged, do the work, drop the excuses, willing to invest in themselves, do what they say they will do and of course on top of their payments.

NO, I haven’t always been this model client.

I have purchased courses that I haven’t finished.

I have been the FB group lurker and not engaged with the other members of paid groups.

I used to say that I couldn’t afford to invest at higher price levels whilst trying to attract high-level clients myself.

When I was this person not only did I not get the results I was wanting, I also attracted clients that were mirroring the same things back to me.

It’s not a fun place to be in your business.

So I decided to show up as the client I wanted to attract.

I invest in myself at a very high level to get the help, even when the coaching amounts were massive investments and it made me uncomfortable. If I am not investing in me why should I expect others to invest in me?

I make fast decisions on the spot. No more I need to think about it. It’s either a YES or NO.

I show up for ALL of the calls even when I don’t feel like it.

In doing so my business changed.

The energy shifted.

And started attracting so many more ideal clients.

If you are struggling to attract your ideal client right now.

If you are getting people that are saying they can’t afford it right now.

I can’t commit to those times.

Then take some time to look at what type of client you are?

What you put out is reflected back to you.

Be that match for who you want to attract in your fitness business.



Kellie x

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