79 Blog Post Ideas

If you have a website and a blog you know that you need to be updating it with valuable content every week.

BUT sometimes you probably lack inspiration on what you should write.

Here is a swipe file you can go through and get ideas for your readers to keep your content interesting and them wanting more.

As you go through this list ALWAYS keep in mind your ideal clients, would this headline attract them?

Great thing about this swipe file is you can adjust to suit your market.

1. The Fastest Way To Your Best Shape Ever

2. Quick and Easy Lunch Recipes

3. 7 Power Foods to Kick Start Your Day

4. Health and Slim On A Budget

5. Easy, Fast and Simple Moves To Target Trouble Spots

6. Simple Foods to Boost Metabolism

7. Reshape Your Life in 30 Days

8. Total Body Tone Up – burn more fat, boost energy and build strength

9. 21 Recipes For Busy {Insert target market}

10. Get The Body You Want In The Time You Have

11. Summer Body Bible

12. New Year Training Tips – cardio and weight moves that tone fast.

13. Expert Secrets to Speedy Weight Loss

14. How To Get Fit and Toned Fast

15. Want a Flat Stomach, Thin Thighs and Tight Bum?

16. Your Last Minute Weight Loss Guide

17. Simple Fat Busting Secrets

18. Simple 30 Minute Workouts to Fast track your results

19. Get a Red Hot Body!

20. 8 Moves To A Flat Sexy Stomach

21. Want To Be Fitter, Stronger and Firmer?

22. Low Fuss Recipes To Boost Energy and Fight Fat?

23. 97 Ways To Be Healthier Everyday

24. Your Fittest Year Starts Here

25. Expert Workouts To Tone Abs, Legs and Butt – FAST!

26. Shape Your Perfect Body!

27. 14 Days To A Strong and Sexy Body

28. The Sneaky Way To Lose Fat

29. 10 Super Foods and 10 Easy Recipes

30. Your Fittest Body Fast

31. Finally Lose Those Last 3,5,7+ Kgs

32. Energy Breakfasts For Busy [insert target market]

33. Fit, Hot, Healthy and Toned in Just 14 Days.

34. 47 Simple Ways To Blast Fat Fast

35. How To Reach Your Ideal Weight

36. 27 Must Have Pantry Items

37. How Real [insert target market] Get and Stay Slim

38. Motivation Secrets. How Real [target market] Get and Stay Fit

39. Turbocharged Weight Loss and See Results in 21 Days

40. Top 10 Fat Loss Foods

41. Xmas Guide to Keeping Those Kg’s Off

42. Takeaway Foods for Weight Loss

43. Real Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

44. Gone for Good

45. 50 Foods You Need In Your Trolley

46. How To Spot A Bad Diet Fad

47. Power Foods To Increase Energy, Stop Cravings and Shed Kg’s

48. Burn Those Holiday Kg’s

49. Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

50. New Year New You

51. Has The Xmas Season Been Ruff?

52. Discover A New You In 2014

53. Shed Those Extra Kg’s and Start Living A Healthier Life

54. Your Last Excuse Has Just Gone Back To School

55. Wanted: [your target market]

56. Turn Over A New Leaf

57. It’s Never to Late to Start

58. Frustrated By Fad Diets and The Extra Kg’s You Gained?

59. Want A Sexy Body And Don’t Know Where To Begin?

60. Want To Lose Fat Forever?

61. Sick of Laying Down To Put On Your Jeans?

62. Beat The Winter Bulge

63. Want to Look And Feel 10 Years Younger?

64. Want Twice The Results In Half The Time?

65. Spring Into Spring

66. Spring Clean Your Health And Fitness

67. Shed Those Winter Kg’s

68. Build a Brand New Body

69. Dreading Summer?

70. Sick And Tired Of Struggling To Lose Weight?

71. Will You Be Happy With Your Body For Holidays?

72. Lose a Dress Size Before Xmas

73. Party Without Putting on The Pounds

74. Holiday Proof Your Body

75. Enjoy Xmas With No Regrets

76. Did You Know The Average Person Puts On 4kg Over Xmas?

77. Wanted: Your Old Body Back

78. You are Quiet Different, So are We.

79. Goodbye Lazy Summer Days. Hello Fitted Jeans and a Healthier You.


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