6 Actions You Need to Take Daily On Your Facebook Page

Facebook is a brilliant strategy for personal training business owners to increase the awareness of your brand, communication and to build traffic.

But if you are not strategically using Facebook correctly then you are wasting your time (and money if you are using Facebook ads).

As you know the rules for Facebook and every other social media platform keep changing.

You have no control over any social media platform.

Facebook could potentially be like Myspace and completely disappear in 5-10 years.

You have full control over your website so you need to nurture and grow it, that is one platform that won’t disappear, that is of course you want it too.

Here are 6 things you need to be doing on your Facebook page.

1. Posting 3-5x per day if not more!

As I write this post your reach on a Facebook page is about 10-20%. If you are writing brilliant content and you get a ton of likes, comments and shares then it will be higher. There are rumours circulating that this reach will drop to 2%!!

When I tell personal trainers to post 3-5x per day their initial response is ‘What’?

Until I explain how it works.

People pop onto Facebook at different times of the day and if you are only posting once per day in the morning then you are missing out on everyone else through out the day. By posting multiple times you increase your chances of being seen by the majority of your ‘likes’.

The more they interact with you, the more Facebook will show your business page in their feeds.

More interaction means you are in the forefront of their minds. And when they think of starting an exercise program you then will be one of the personal trainers they connect with.

If people are not liking, sharing or commenting on your posts, Facebook believes they don’t want to see your posts in their feeds.

Many of my posts reach more than my total number of likes.

Why? Because I post content that personal trainers and fitness business owners like to see.

2. Sending people back to your website

Since everyone LOVES Facebook most of us are investing a considerable amount of time and money into it,  you need to make sure that you are sending your ‘likers’ over to your website.

Like I mentioned at the start you have full control over your website and we have no idea what the  future of Facebook holds.

When you post multiple times per day make sure one of those posts sends your likers back to your website (via a link) to get a ton of value that will solve their most pressing problem.

3. Post your offers to convert into paying clients

Common question I get asked is how then do you convert your likes into leads?

Easy, the status updates you do on Facebook needs to be an offer.

When you are posting valuable content that your potential clients want to see then you start developing a relationship with them.

Via your posts they are getting a taste of how you help your clients. Post pictures of your clients training, results they are achieving and them having fun.

It gives them the social proof they need to take action.

Keep in mind I don’t mean jamming your products/services down people’s throats, you will really jeopardise your credibility and develop a bad reputation.

4. Value 

I keep talking about value.

When you focus on providing a ton of value to your people every single day and be consistent you will be amazed at how your life changes. When you focus on money, watch it go out the backdoor.

I have built a 6 figure business (and now I only work 25-30 hours every week) by focusing and working on value.

You can too when you are in it for the right reasons.

The more personal trainers and fitness businesses I help, the more successful they become and the more people they help change their lives and change this obesity crisis.

5. Interacting

Build relationships and talk back to the people on your page.

Never outsource your voice on social media, that is who people build relationships with.

There are a ton of people I have got to know just by them posting on my Facebook page and from there conversations start and relationships develop. Very powerful.

6. Don’t accept negativity on your page

Sooner or later you will have some muppet write something nasty on your page.

As you grow and become successful people come out of the wood works and think it’s their right to be negative and bring you down.

Very simple strategy – ignore, delete the comment and ban them from your page.

I get that not everyone has the same opinion and that’s ok however there is no need to be nasty. Say’s more about the person writing the comment!

At the moment Facebook still is the most effective social media platform so yes continue to spend time on it as long as you follow that plan.


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