47 Ways To Increase Your Conversions

Kellie Sanders AdobeStock_67907760_jpeg 47 Ways To Increase Your Conversions Fitness sales isn’t a scary process, especially when you are helping people change their lives.

17 years ago I entered the world of selling gym memberships with absolutely NO experience or sales training.

Even my first 5 tours resulted in 4 sales that first shift.

I then was on a mission to learn all I could about sales.

Have to admit I hated objections and if there was one area that I wanted to work on it was handling objections. I soon discovered that when I did the sales process right then I hardly ever got an objection, in fact selling memberships in my own studio resulted in a conversion rate of 97%.

That system I was using back then is now being implemented with all of my mastermind clients. Proud to say they are also getting similar results which makes a huge difference.

Fitness industry average is 30%, My clients reach a minimum of 80%.

My conversions are 97%.

Let’s say you have your marketing down pat, you are generating consistent flow of leads yet struggling to convert them into paying clients then you really need to focus on the sales process.

1. Know your product/service back to front.

2. Be confident in your product and know that you can help people and get them a result.

3. People come to you for a reason and you need to find out what that reason is and I am not talking weight loss, there is an emotional reason behind that, they do not come to waste your time.

4. Have a sales system in place from initial enquiry through to referrals.

5. Know every conversion rate from start to finish.

6. Be organized and have all your paperwork/pens etc ready for when the client walks in.

7. Smell and look good, you have only 10 seconds to make an impression.

8. Ensure your centre is clean and tidy.

9. Have scripts so you and your team are providing consistency

10. Ensure that you overcome objections BEFORE they arise

11. Build rapport and make a friend, ask them would they like a drink, cause that is what you do when your friend comes to your house.

12. People buy from people they like and trust.

13. Get rid of the hard‐core pressure sales, it really turns people off and you come across as desperate.

14. Be genuinely interested in them.

15. People care about themselves, so let them talk and you shut up.

16. ‘Sell’ them what they want if they want personal training then don’t focus on your group fitness.

17. Listen listen listen to their needs!

18. Show them how you can help them achieve their goals – they are crying out for help

19. Focus on the emotional reasons of why they are there – people buy on emotion. Get specific.

20. Do what you say you are going to do!

21. Always be learning, the more you learn the more you earn.

22. Make it easy for your clients to buy off you, people hate hassle.

23. Don’t be like other personal trainers, what makes you different from the other trainers? Most PT’s are not unique and try and fit into the market and offer the same services and generally these are the same trainers complaining about their business, not getting clients and struggling financially.

24. Be wary of the words you use some of them conjure up negative images, for example sign here, instead if use can you just ok this!

25. Get your mindset right, if you hate sales guess what you are unconsciously portraying

26. STOP SELLING PACKS AND CASH EACH SESSIONS! It really screws with your cash flow!

27. Get all your clients on direct debit!

28. Ask the right questions, that being open ‘W’ questions – what, where,when, why – how!

29. Be HONEST with them.

30. Sales fixes everything, if you need more money – make more sales!

31. Relax and have a conversation with them.

32. Create an atmosphere where they want to buy!

33. Do not have too many price options, you will just confuse them.

34. After you price present be quiet, he who speaks first loses.

35. Engage with the client in a way that you gain their interest.

36. Show the value in what you provide and that you are the solution to their problems.

37. You control the conversation.

38. People do not like being sold to, but they love to buy.

39. Ask for the sale!

40. What does your voice mail say about you? Does it entice prospective clients to leave a message?

41. When a prospective client walks out the door without getting started with you, you can pretty much guarantee you will not see them again!

42. Be conscious of body language

43. Under promise and over deliver.

44. Pre qualify them on the phone, you just do not want anyone!

45. Want to make more sales, double the amount of people who sit in front of you

46. Regularly get someone to evaluate your sales process

47. Practice practice practice!

At the end of the day your numbers tell the story so when you track every step then you know what needs to be improved.

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