Your First 30 Days?

The last day of January.

How would you rate your first 30 days in your personal training business?

The last 3 years for me have been an absolute roller coaster in my personal life (whole other story) and to get through it I focused most of my time on my business, hence it is in a bloody great position right now.

So 2012 for me was taking a tiny step back and focusing on me.

Come the third week of January…BOOM! An unbelievable amount of opportunity within 1 week came my way.

I remember sitting with my best friend on Australia Day just shaking my head trying to process what had happened that week.

This is what I have learnt or should I say confirm to what I already knew about growing any fitness business.

1. It really is about working smarter not harder. For that reason I am only taking on 2 more people then closing the 1 on 1 coaching doors as I am now focusing on larger projects to help more personal trainers. You need to do the same as personal trainers. How many 1 on 1 clients do you want to take on? Then ask yourself how can you make more money in less time and help more people.

2. Learnt its all about consistency. You can not stop and start, if you do that is exactly what the results will do, they will be up and down. No matter how busy you get you still need to practice those daily disciplines that got you to where you are today. Like now, I am back to back with clients until 5pm this afternoon yet I still make time to write blogs for you guys. Same goes for you. Maintain your website, social networking, you tube videos – what ever it is that got you to where you are today.

3. Developing relationships. From day 1 I made a promise to myself to learn and hang around with the best of the best in the fitness industry. That I have achieved and have a book coming out very soon that show cases amazing people doing very cool things in our industry. Like anything, It did not happen straight away. What do you need to do? Who do you need to connect with? As they say its not what you know its WHO!!! The more people you can connect with the more opportunity that will be presented to you.

4. Customer Service. Its pretty simple, look after your clients! It is much easier and cost effective to retain the clients you have now than it is to go out and get new ones. Go the extra mile and you will have your clients raving about you to their friends and family.

5. Constantly learning and growing. Thomas Plummer a great fitness business guy I follow in the states who has been in the industry for over 30 years and he wrote this on his Facebook page a few weeks ago: ‘What kills a fitness business is the owners unwillingness to change. Most cling to old ideas and technology like an Italian tourist to a life raft. Businesses that fail to reinvent cease to exist. Most of the clubs mentioned were 1995 dinosaurs and failed simply because the public refuses to buy a dated product delivered by an uninterested staff. The economy didn’t get them; they are the equivalent of the last pager salesmen on the plane’

Like weight loss there is no quick fix to grow your personal training business. It is all about persistence, dedication and providing a ton of value to the people you want to help.

Trust me, you do this and yes you will need guidance of people along the way but the results will happen.

You still have another 11 months left, the question isn’t ‘can you’ it is ‘will you’.

I truly hope you take something from this and this is the year that changes the game for you. That this is the year where you become the best personal trainer you can be. The year where you become an athlete. The year that you get your financial situation to an exception position. The year where you create your life as to how you have wished it to be.


4 thoughts on “Your First 30 Days?

  1. Rach Boyle says:

    Great article and advice Kell! So proud of what you have achieved and really excited that you get to look after yourself this year! You rock! Xx

  2. John says:

    Hi Kellie,

    Thanks for the 5 tips, I just came across your site (from a Ben London article on his website).

    I’ve added your site to my reading list and have subscribed so I’ll be a frequent visitor from now on 🙂

    Thanks again,

    I look forward to your posts

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