10 Commandments of Exceptional PT Service

You would of heard that it is easier to retain a personal training client than it is to gain one.

The majority of your clients should be coming from referrals.

These 10 commandments are a sure fire way to boost those leads coming in the door.

So what do you actually need to do in your fitness business to do that?

1. Build rapport the #1 thing you need to do with all of your clients so they feel comfortable in opening up to you and sharing the real reasons behind their goals. What is the definition of rapport and what does it mean? It means finding a common ground with that person. Have you ever been to a party and you were having a conversation with someone and it was just chit chat weather conversation? Then all of a sudden you both realised that you went to the same school or have a friend in common…then the conversation just took off, there was laugher and can’t shut each other up?  That is rapport.

2. Know everything about them, you know this information about your friend, so why wouldn’t you know what is important in your clients life? Make sure you ask them questions and actually listen and be interested in the answers.

3. Help them achieve results its simple if they are not seeing results they will leave. Make sure you have a system in place that you monitor their results and celebrate the wins with them.

4. Go above and beyond their expectations there is nothing better than exceeding your clients expectations, it will make their day and they will tell everyone that they come into contact with about their amazing experiences with you.

5. First impressions make a huge difference you only have about 7 seconds to make an impression. Regardless of what anyone says we all make judgements when we meet someone for the first time. Be conscious of how you look, smell, what your personal training studio looks and smells like. Also what words you use and how you first greet your potential client all make a big difference.

6. Undivided attention a client is paying you good money each session to help them reach their goals so it is your duty to ensure that you give them your undivided attention. That means no eating during their session, mobile phone is turned on silent, no replying to txt messages or having a conversation with anther person. Be interested in your clients. Remember actions speak louder than words and your clients pick up on body language very quickly.

7. Stay true to your word if you say you are going to do it then do it. There is nothing worse than you committing to doing something and then not following through…do this a few times and you will gain a reputation. Someone that we know in our personal training studio will phone us and say he is calling in to visit  yet each and every time he says that don’t believe it,  he always rings back up and tells us that he is running behind and won’t make it in today, he will then surface a few days down the track.

8. If you stuff up and make a mistake say so we all make mistakes, it’s called being human. The biggest difference is do you admit the mistake or do you try and cover it up with excuses. People hate that! You will gain much more respect from clients by doing so and apologizing.

9. Gone are the days of being fake…people want you to be true and not have that fake persona. You will develop much more fulfilling relationships with your clients by letting that wall down.

10. Most important have fun – no need to explain that 🙂

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