Your personal training leads dried up yet?

Every Tuesday I spend in Brisbane catching up with my brilliant crew. Yesterday was great because 5 of them asked me this question, ‘How are the other personal trainers going during this so called slowing down time, because I am getting heaps of leads coming in?’ Wahoo… what a great position to be in. My response, ‘Because I have kicked your butts for the last few months to ensure that you had effective marketing strategies happening all the time and now it is paying off!’

Have you been getting a consistent flow of leads each and every week?

If not then you need to follow these 5 quick and easy tips to make that happen.

1. Market consistently and have multiple strategies in place all of the time not just some of the time. Check out some of the personal training marketing ideas you can use.

2. Ensure you have direct debit in place. Instead of suspending people over the holiday season look at doing make up sessions for them so the debits can still continue.

3. Implement a Xmas marketing strategy, get creative with what you can offer and the value that you can provide.

4. Have a Xmas party to show your appreciation for your current clients, encourage them to bring friends and family along and give them a small gift.

5. Ensure that you have some time off so you can recharge your batteries.


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    Kellie would you be able to give some examples of some quality Xmas marketing strategies that you have come across yourself? We are currently in the process of coming up with some strategies to use for Christmas in the next few weeks, and with such a broad range of religions amongst our clients we are planning a ‘holiday themed strategy’ rather than a specific ‘christmas theme’

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    Here are some examples that work well with my guys.

    1. Xmas vouchers to the value of $50 or $100 that are given to clients to give to their friends and family to share the gift of health and fitness, great little stocking fillers.
    2. We also use $100 gift cards to give to businesses so they can pass onto their valued clients. (Gift cards are so versatile that we use them in about 7 different strategies)
    3. Fliers can be hit and miss, however an offer that works well is pay nothing til 2011
    4. Running free group sessions on a Saturday morning through December and encourage their friends and family to come, always have a little treat at the end like fruit, ice blocks etc!
    5. Maintain the contact through your list and keep sending out relative information.

    Hope that helps you!

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