Christmas Ideas for Your Personal Training Clients

Christmas is an opportunity to have fun in your personal training business.

I receive so many emails from personal trainers regarding the down turn during this time of year.  For some personal trainers it is a real struggle and cash flow becomes tight – however it should not be and does not have to be like that.

For my clients we make sure December is a fun time for your clients, we give them something to look forward and a reason to come to their sessions.

One of the strategies we implement every year is clients receive Christmas gifts every week.

So I wanted to share with you some just some of the ideas we use that make this time of year a success for all of my fitness businesses.

1. Reindeer noses are a cute inexpensive little gift that makes  big impact. Combine Jaffa’s and Malteser’s in a gift pack. It is really that simple.


2. Summer packs was an idea I came up when I had lots my personal training clients telling me they were going to be spending time at the beach. Depending upon your target market depends upon what you pop in the pack. We include a beach towel (Country Road beach towels are my all time favorite), coconut sun screen, movie tickets, magazine, book and a box chocs. They worked so well. This also works well as a gift for referral competitions in December.

3.  One of my amazing clients Jess gives everyone of her clients a Xmas decoration with their name on it. She said the response was huge and they loved it. Now every year when they put the tree up they think of her.

There are a few simple ideas to get you started in December.

It is all about being creative and remember you do not have to spend a fortune.

As they say it is all in the thought that counts.


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